About JLPD

Creating places, shaping cities

JLPD is a master planning and design practice founded and headed by Joel Luna, former Chief Architect, VP and Head of Ayala Land, Inc.’s Innovation and Design Group.

Bringing over 26 years of master planning experience with Ayala Land,  JLPD specializes in the planning of large-scale, mixed-use townships, community planning, tourism estates, and urban place-making.


Design-sense with Business-sense.


At JLPD, we believe that organizational scale is not just about the size of your labor force. It’s about the breadth of your collaborative network and the depth of its organizational expertise. 

At JLPD, we believe in forging strategic alliances that leverage unique expertise in finding solutions that can best respond to business, market and design challenges. 

At JLPD, we visualize opportunities that can unlock  a property’s intrinsic value.  We believe that value is harnessed, deployed, and enhanced - rather than harvested - to create even more value in the long term. We believe that business, community and environment are not mutually exclusive choices but rather the collective outcome of a sound plan. 


Macro to Micro Analysis

We look at a project at various levels and across multiple timelines. Because projects of scale take time to realize and have broader impacts, our view extends beyond the immediate and stretches into the enduringly and sustainably relevant. 

Exploration and Scenario Building

We enjoy testing several "what ifs" to arrive at possible strategies that generate the best value for the project. This allows informed decisions and calculated trade-offs early in the process. 

Ideation and Refinement

Designs are honed and polished through an iterative process and feedback loops, testing them against project goals, user responsiveness, business feasibility and Client’s aspirations. 

Branded Environments

Places need to be memorable, unique and identifiable. Our approach ensures the projects are competitive and will be among the best in their category.

Quality in Design

We believe in designing better urban environments to foster creativity, productivity and to improve quality of life. 


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